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Don't Miss These Often-Overlooked Overtime Pay Requirements

Employers' legal obligations regarding overtime (OT) pay aren't always as straightforward as one might think. This article first reviews the basics that employers must follow related to OT pay, then focuses attention on a trio of cases the U.S. Department of Labor recently brought against employers that violated those rules. The cases illustrate how even well-intentioned employers might be oblivious to some fine points of the law.

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Beware: Teleworking Arrangements May Cause State Tax Withholding Issues

Many employers have embraced work-from-home arrangements over the last year. This has caused confusion about whether employers are required to withhold state income tax for work performed out-of-state — and whether nonresident employees must pay state income tax where their employers are located and/or where they live. The rules vary from state to state. Here's an overview of how some jurisdictions handle this issue.

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Take a Proactive Approach to Changing Pay Practices to Avoid Gender-Based Discrimination

Gender-based equal pay for equal work has been a hot topic for years. Federal and state lawmakers keep raising the bar on the requirements employers must meet to ensure they're in compliance. If you haven't kept pace with the available information, you might be unwittingly out of step with the latest trends and legal standards. Here's an update.

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The Ins and Outs of Garnishing

Wage garnishment can be complicated for your company, embarrassing for your employees and subject to both federal and state laws. The rules are specific and violations can lead to harsh penalties. To find out how the process works, keep reading.

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Navigating the Social Media Minefield

Social networks have grown in popularity and corporate usefulness. But there's a fine line between personal and professional networking on the Internet and missteps can be treacherous. As a result, some companies simply ban social sites in the workplace. A wiser approach could be to come up with a strong policy to regulate them. Here are some issues for businesses to consider in terms of monitoring online activities.

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Achieve Sustainable Cost Cutting at Your Organization

Some businesses find trimming expenses is easy to do for a while — but then costs creep back. Implementing cost reductions that stick over time requires a different approach. Here are some ways to implement sustainable cost cutting at your organization, as well as 10 quick ideas for growing your business.

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